Use your vocabulary words and definitions to create word games and word puzzles.
  1. Vocabulary Bingo Cards (up to 40 different cards per word list)
  2. CryptoLists (crack the code - letter substitutions - optional help)
  3. Fill-in-the-blank Quizzes (use your clues - up to 50 in each quiz)
  4. Flash Cards (also used for vocabulary bingo cards)
  5. Juggle Letters (with and without clues)
  6. Magic Number Squares (9, 16, and 25 squares per activity)
  7. Matching Quizzes (up to 50 questions in each)
  8. Multiple Choice Quizzes (up to 50 questions in each)
  9. Word Searches (36 by 25 grid, use words, clues, or first letter)

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Vocabulary Power

Individual License ---> $39.95 - price includes backup cd-rom program and English spell checker
Building Site License ---> $199.00 - price includes backup cd-rom program and English spell checker

  1. Save teacher time preparing a variety of student vocabulary worksheets.
  2. Teacher vocabulary words and clues are automatically randomized before worksheets are printed.
  3. English Spell Checker is installed with the program software from the cd-rom. Additional spell checkers are available free to registered users.
  4. Individual and Site Licenses allow both home and school use.
  5. Site licenses can also use the school network.
  6. Technical support is available to registered users.

WISCO Word Power Activity Screen

Sample Word Search Preview

Sample Matching Quiz Preview

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Vocabulary Power can use Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7.