LangPad - Spanish Characters for WordPad & NotePad

LangPad - Spanish Language

LangPad - Spanish Characters provides an easy way to enter foreign language characters and symbols in your WordPad and Notepad text.

Open WordPad or Notepad and LangPad - Spanish Characters. When you need a character or symbol from the chart, click on it, and it will be inserted in your text.

Program Options:
Select any one of the 12 language or character options from the pull down menu. The appropriate characters will be displayed.
Select Start as Tray Icon to display a small tray icon when Windows starts.
Select Start Minimized to hide the program if Start as Tray Icon was selected. Double-clicking the tray icon will display the chart.
Select Use Notepad to enter the character or symbol in Notepad. Leave unchecked to insert the character or symbol into WordPad.
Select Hide after Insert to hide the chart after your character or symbol is inserted in your text.
Select Always On Top so the chart is never covered by any other program.
The Size button allows the chart to be displayed in 4 sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large).

Program Buttons:
The Opt button will display or hide the program options listed above.
The Hide button will minimize the chart as a tray icon, but will not close the program. Double-clicking the icon will redisplay the chart at the previous position.
The Cube and Horz buttons will arrange the foreign language letters and symbols as either a cube or horizontal chart.
The Help button will display or hide this help file.

To Close the Program, click the X in the upper right corner. Your currently selected options will be saved. Closing the program removes the icon from the tray and the program from the computer's memory.

The inserted characters and symbols will always use the same font, size, and style used by WordPad and Notepad. Be aware that some fonts in earlier versions of Windows did not include the euro symbol.

Free Evaluation
After you install LangPad, you have 10 days to evaluate the program. During this 10 day period, a reminder screen will be displayed every time LangPad is started, giving you an opportunity to purchase a license for LangPad. You can continue to use LangPad for up to 10 days, If you decide not to purchase LangPad, you will not be able to use it after the 10 day evaluation period. Download the LangPad evaluation installation file.

License Terms
You must purchase a license to receive an unlock key code. The unlock key code removes the reminder screen and removes the 10 day limitation. The 1-computer license that is purchased is only valid for one computer. If you want to use the software on more than one computer, you will have to purchase additional licenses.
1 - computer license - $7
2 - computer licenses - $12
5 - computer licenses - $20
30 - computer licenses - $90
100 - computer licenses - $200
250 - computer licenses - $400

Getting Your UnLock Key Code
After selecting your license, you will be taken to a secure web site to fill in your e-mail address and credit card information. After your order is processed, a valid unlock key code will be emailed to you in 1 to 2 days. When you receive the unlock key code(s) via email, you should always print out a copy of this email. ALWAYS. You should also keep a backup copy of the original installation file on a backup diskette, thumb drive, or burned to a CD-ROM.

LangPad - Spanish Characters for WordPad and Notepad

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